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As installers, we are often asked which stoves we would recommend. All the stoves below are of great quality and we have no hesitation in recommending. They are all DEFRA approved and the ACR Earlswood, Bohemia X40 Cube and the Ecosy Panoramic are also SIA 2022 Eco Design Ready.


This super quality wide screen 5kw stove is made by the people at Arada/Hamlet stoves. It is a multi fuel stove, so in London you can burn smokeless fuel or dry wood. It is DEFRA approved and has an efficient rating of 79.3%. It has the Arada primary air diversion system which ensures a clean and efficient burn.
Width – 541mm, Height 600mm, Depth 365mm
Price: £545.00

ACR Earlswood III

This stove is manufactured from a combination of cast iron and steel. It’s large viewing window gives a great view of the fire and it’s powerful airways system keeps the glass nice and clean! It has a 5kw output, an external riddling mechanism, is suitable to be installed on a 12mm hearth and is a multi fuel stove.
Width – 480mm, Height 536mm, Depth 330mm
Price: £865.00

Ecosy Ottowa 5kw DEFRA Version


This has got to be the best value DEFRA approved stove on the market and it is no surprise that it has proved very popular with our customers. The cheap price doesn’t mean cheap quality; its primary, secondary and tertiary air intakes ensure great control over your fire and an efficient burn. Suitable to sit on a 12mm hearth, this multifuel stove demonstrates that great quality can be had at a very affordable price.
Width – 390mm, Height 560mm, Depth 330mm
Price: £359.00

Ecosy Panorama 5kw DEFRA Version

Another great value stove from Ecosy, the Panorama is manufacture from steel with a cast iron door. It is a wood only stove and is DEFRA and SIA approved. It has a greater width than many 5kw stoves and therefore gives a greater presence in a large opening. This greater width also allows for bigger logs and a longer burn. Unsurprisingly the enormous glass is a big selling point and with its powerful airwash makes for a very attractive focal point.
Width 560mm, Height 551mm, Depth 314mm
Price: £519.00

Bohemia X40 Cube Eco Design

The Bohemia X40 Cube is also a stove that gives maximum presence in a large opening. What makes this stove really stand out is the fact that it is only 266mm deep, making it ideal when you have a very narrow opening or when space is at a premium. It is DEFRA and SIA approved and has a fantastic efficiency of nearly 83%.
Width 495mm, Height 537mm, Depth 266 mm
Price: £845.00

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